Style History- High Spanish Gothic (13th cent.)

7 Jun

With the gradual unification of the Spanish kingdoms, there was increased prosperity and artistic activity during the Gothic period (13th–mid-16th cent.). Castilian architecture was basically French-inspired, although a distinctly native taste can be felt in the proportions and more ornate decorative features. Outstanding examples include the cathedrals of Burgos, Toledo, and León, the last remarkable also for its stained glass. Catalan Gothic architecture, exemplified in the cathedrals at Barcelona and Palma de Majorca, made distinctive use of wide naves with two side aisles instead of the usual four; they have heavy interior buttresses and lateral chapels. At Girona the aisles were suppressed altogether, so that the cathedral had one of the widest vaulted spans of medieval Europe.

The High Gothic arrives with all its strength through the Way of Saint James in the thirteenth century, with some of the most pure classical Gothic cathedrals, with German and French influence.

Cathedral of Burgos Cathedral of León Cathedral of León- Vaulting of the crossing
Cathedral of Toledo- tower shows Giralda Islamic influences. Cathedral of Toledo- Puerta de los leones (Door of the Lions). Cathedral of Toledo

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