German Renaissance Revival

20 Nov
PABST THEATER , Milwaukee Otto Strack 1895 Joseph Kalvelage House (1896-98) Frederick Pabst mansion
Frederick Pabst mansion    
German Renaissance Revival (architecture)

PABST THEATER , Milwaukee Otto Strack 1895


a style popular ca. 1880-1910 characterized by stepped “Flemish” gables with curved consoles, fractables, slim
piers rising to finials, and sculptural ornament. The greatest local concentration of such buildings is in Milwaukee, where the number and industry of immigrant Germans created a German intelligentsia in the late nineteenth century. A secondary concentration of these highly decorative buildings is found in Sheboygan County, where German settlement and industry were also especially strong. The best examples of the form include the Joseph Kalvelage House (1896-98) (NRHP 1978) and Frederick Pabst House (1890-92) (NRHP 1975) in Milwaukee, and the Chief Oshkosh Brewery (1879, 1911) in Oshkosh.

[Source: Cultural Resource Management in Wisconsin (Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1986). ]


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