Amorphic Expressionist Architecture

23 Nov
Amorphic expressionism    
Einstein Tower (Einstein Turn) in Potsdam-Berlin by Erich Mendelsohn 1919-22 P.L.Takstraat Housing Estate in Amsterdam by Piet Kramer 1920-23. (Amsterdam School) Douglas Cardinal’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.
An example of expressionist architecture in the film set for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Het Schip Housing Estate in Amsterdam by Michel de Klerk 1917-20. (Amsterdam School) Casa di vetro (Glass house), 1924
Interior of the Grosses Schauspielhaus, Berlin by Hans Poelzig in 1919 Böttcherstraße, Bremen, Germany Ronchamp, 1950 Le Corbusier Notre Dame du Haut
ROC006-opera-house.jpg (60562 bytes)  
Sydney Opera House Saarinen’s 1962 TWA Terminal  JFK Airport  
Amorphic Expressionist Architecture is an offshoot of Expressionist Architecture. However, as opposed to the main thrust of Expressionism that was expressed through straight jagged lines, Amorphic Expressionism is expressed through sensuous organic curves.

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